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NBA 2K23 Finishing Badges List

NBA 2K23 hosts a load of new Finishing badges; using them correctly will ensure you score at the rim with efficiency and flare. If finishing at the basket is a part of your style in MyCareer, these are the full finishing badges list for you and some of the best.

Finishing Badges in NBA 2K23

Badge Description
Aerial Wizard Increases a player's ability to complete alley-oops and putbacks.
Acrobat Makes it easier to pull off harder layups.
Backdown Punisher Increases the chances of a player successfully backing down their opponent.
Bully Allows players to bulldoze through their opponents and land a strong finisher.
Dream Shake Increases the chances of a defender falling for fakes in the post.
Dropstepper Increases a player's chances of success while performing post dropsteps and hop steps.
Fast Twitch Speeds up getting dunks and standing layups off, making it difficult for defenders to reach.
Fearless Finisher Increases a player's ability to withstand physical contact while reducing the energy lost from contact.
Giant Slayer During a mismatch versus a taller defender, Giant Slayer will increase the shot percentage of a player for layup attempts.
Grace Under Pressure Increases the success rate of close-basket standing shots.
Hook Specialist Increases a player's hook shot ability.
Limitless Takeover Allows players to start their dunk or layup gather from a farther than regular distance.
Lob City Finisher Increases a player's chances of completing a successful alley-oop dunk or a layup.
Masher Increases a player's finishing ability around the rim.
Mouse in the House Increases a player's chances of successfully scoring a basket while attacking a smaller defender.
Post Spin Technician Improves a player's post spinning and driving abilities while reducing their chances of getting stripped.
Posterizer Increases a player's chances of posterizing their opponents.
Pro Touch Grants players an additional shot boost for having a little early, late, and excellent timing on layups.
Putback Boss Improves a player's chances of making a shot while attempting a putback after an offensive rebound.
Rise Up Increases a player's chances of dunking while standing on the painted area.
Slithery Improves a player's ability to move through traffic while reducing the chances of getting stripped off the ball.
Tear Dropper Boosts a player's ability to avoid contact while attacking the rim.
Unstrippable Reduces a player's chances of getting stripped while attacking the basket.

Best Finishing badges in NBA 2K23

Here are the best Finishing badges in NBA 2K23:

#1 Limitless Takeoff

During dunk attempts, players with this badge will begin from a greater distance than their opponents allowing you to get crazy highlights.

#2 Posterizer

Boosts your ability to dunk, allowing you to get more contact dunks.

#3 Fearless Finisher

This badge not only increases a player's ability to deal with contact but also finish while doing so.

#4 Pro Touch

Pro Touch is essential for players looking to score when attacking the rim, as it will make the layup shot release timers way more forgiving.

#5 Giant Slayer

Improves layup percentage when facing a taller defender and reduces block chances.

#6 Aerial Wizard

Boosts your ability to finish the alley-oops of a teammate and offensive rebound putbacks.

#7 Acrobat

Acrobat grants a player a momentary boost when attempting a difficult gather move while dribbling, helpful for any athletic ball carrier.

#8 Fearless Finisher

With the Fearless Finisher badge, you'll have a way easier time fighting through that contact to make a basket.

#9 Giant Slayer

It improves layup percentage when facing a taller defender and reduces block chances.

#10 Slithery

Improves a player's ability to minimize contact when surrounded.

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